Walking Wisely


A few summers ago, John and I had a rare experience: all three of our children went to church camp on the same week. Kissing them goodbye, we grabbed the opportunity to spend some much needed time alone with both hands. On a tight budget, we decided to go camping – tent camping!  Tent camping […]

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Coffee Thoughts

coffee cup pic

Coffee Thoughts:   Recently, while walking with a friend to get a cup of coffee, I listened as she starting discussing her gratitude for all that her parents had provided. She’s a new friend, and I smiled as I got to know her heart better and hear her appreciation for family.  It was clear from […]

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Enduring Love

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Well Done!


     Good moments! For most of the last thirty six hours, we have been celebrating the accomplishments of Jeff and his wrestling team.  These young men trained diligently and wrestled smart to bring home the first place trophy in an Area Duals Tournament.  My heart says, “Well done.” In wrestling, as in most sports, there […]

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God is Listening

heart pic

Did I just say those words aloud?      I wonder if this was the man’s first thought after the words left his mouth. And, of course, the answer would have been, “Yes. They were said aloud. Everybody heard them including Jesus.”  The man’s thoughts, now turned into words, are honest, raw, and laced with a […]

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pic of new love

New. I like the word: new.  It sounds fresh, hopeful, and filled with promise. I especially like the word new when it precedes words like shoes, friendships, ideas, flower blooms, etc.  Much like honey, the word new just makes some things sweeter. Without doubt, two of my most treasured pairing of words is new love […]

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Weekend Wood-Carvers

carpenter's shop two

Weekend Wood-Carvers   Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing, and perfect will. Romans 12:2     I once met an extraordinary wood-carver. His carvings were […]

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Can You Hear the Story?

image of woman at the well

Can you hear her? Through her story, she’s been talking a long, long time. In my imagination, she is a pretty woman. Tall, slender, and with long wavy hair, she looks good on the outside; however, on the inside: she’s a mess. She’s a wreck; she’s a wretch. She’s an adulteress, and you and I […]

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Can You See Her?

hem of the garment images

If I close my eyes, I can see her. She is weary; she is exhausted. Her skin is a pale grey color and her body emits an unclean smell. She took a bath, but she stills feels dirty. She’s run out of nice clothes and nice dreams. Once she felt beautiful, now she just feels […]

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Our Newest Book: The X’s and O’s of Relationships

935 take 2

The X’s and O’s of Relationships takes Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 13 and gives you the opportunity to apply each element to your relationships with individual team members, family members, and friends. It addresses the question: Do you care about me? And, it equips you to answer the question well. The straightforward format will […]

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